Mar 27 2011

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Oracle WebLogic Server installation on Windows7 64bit

This WebLogic Server is the first step to install OBIEE 11g 64bit using “Software Only install” option. Download Weblogic 10.3.3 generic software (921mb) from the following link.


Make sure you have installed JDK 64bit on your computer before executing wls1033_generic.jar. To check version of java, execute “java -version” at the command prompt. It should look like the following screenshot.
Once we have correct jdk installed, execute the wls1033_generic.jar file with the following command
java -Xmx1024m -jar wlsversion_generic.jar

Welcome screen opens, click Next

Select the Middleware path, default is C:\Oracle\Middleware

If you have got Oracle support account, specify it here, if not no need to worry as it is optional. Click Next (if you don’t specify your support account, click YES and YES when pop up windows open).
Choose Installation type, select Typical and click Next

JDK Selection: By default Local JDK should be selected, if not click the Browse button and select the JDK installation path.

WebLogic Server and Coherence installation directories should be selected by default, click Next

leave default selection, Click Next

Check the installation summary then Click Next. Installation process will be started and once its done click Finish to complete the installation.

Quick Start window opens, which means WebLogic Server has been installed successfully.

Till Next Time :)

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